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Call Us Today!
(479) 646-5151
Call Us Today!
(479) 646-5151

About Us

Westark Plumbing
3117 Waco Street
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72903
Contact Information
Phone: 479-646-5151
Fax: 479-646-2453
Business Hours:
Monday-Friday: 7am-6pm
Emergency Service 24/7
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Our Story....

Started by a Master Plumber in 1993 and currently #1 in the #2 industry.  We now have 15 employees so our response time is within hours of a service call.  This is why our customers keep coming back to us for help.  They can count on us. Westark Plumbing and Expert Drain Cleaning Services has provided the community with quality plumbing and drain cleaning. Our friendly office staff and highly trained technicians have helped us meet our client’s expectations. We are grateful for the support of our current and previous clients. We also look forward to adding YOU to our list of satisfied customers.  Each employee of Westark has a family so if you multiply 15 employees by an average 4 family members, Westark Plumbing supports 60 people and so do you!!!  That is huge and our team thanks you and understands the commitment they need to make every day to succeed and live up to many more years of great service for our community and families.  When we are not busy plumbing, we are volunteering our time in the community. 

Ensuring that you receive quality services is our top priority! We credit “Our Team,” “Our Wheels” and “Our Mission,” in making sure we maintain a standard of excellence. Here’s how we do it:

The Office Team
The Office Team is staffed by 3  team members, Office Coordinator and Lead Dispatcher - Robyn Barker.  Office Assistant - Joseph Cernak and President - Michelle Cernak.  The Office Teams goal is to keep the Service Manager, Bryan Cernak, equipped with information and tools to keep the plumbers and drain cleaners performing efficiently out in the field while assisting our customers.  
Officers of Westark Plumbing maintain all employee credentials required by city and state codes.  Insurance is purchased at the highest level in the industry, continuing education is part of our regimen for success and vendor status is up to date with all customers for service continuation.  Marketing, outside sales, constant client account interaction, preventative maintenance accounts, vendor shopping and volunteer community service are touched daily.  As you can see, action is taken to continue Westarks success.
The Field Team

Building trust with our customers and vendors is important. The Field Team has a mix of plumbers and drain cleaners that hold city and state required licenses.  Our guys meet the qualifications of the Technical Seal of Safety and are professionally screened.  These requirements reassure our customers that our guys are professional and trustworthy.  Westark has the best flow of operations in the industry.

Our Wheels

Our service vans are fully stocked with the parts and tools that are needed to get the job done in a timely manner. We have great relationships with our vendors so we can quickly get parts if needed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a relationship with you based on quality service, dependability, and the latest technical expertise.  Our goal at Westark Plumbing is to serve clients to the best of our ability and to keep our ability at its best.